Keeps popping into foreground!?

Quite often I need to open several spreadsheets.

But the on the way to be open sheets always pop to the foreground several times between splash and finally open!

This meaning, I have to wait for each sheet to open, befor I can open the next, open my browser or what ever.

How do I set the SCALC or any of the other applications to stop blocking my acces to everything else during opening?

Thereis a reason for it to be sent to the background. I do know it is there, I can see it, and I did send it back there myself by starting something else.

This is my first pot here, as the Danish site seems to have gone completely dead! I can not log in, I can not create a new accout, because I never get activation.

No way, as in LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.