Kerning in LibreOffice 6 is still bad

I was hoping that kerning problems in LibreOffice would be solved with version 6, but it’s still there. I use 64-bit LO with Windows 10 64-bit. I tried many settings with pair kerning, OpenGL rendering, smoothing (I’m not sure of the English names, as I use the French version), but with no avail.

This is the only software I have with kerning problems. Why is it so? I really want to use LibreOffice, I am pro open source, but the kerning is so bad that it is gives me headache after a while, so I stop using LO.

Thank you for raising this issue again. This is so frustrating that such an important tool in Linux is not getting such a basic thing right for so long. I’m confident it’s a major turn-down for many people that attempt the transition from other OS… We’re not giving up!

It is only the ‘gentle’ transitions which are giving me a problem - eg fade, ripple, fine dissolve. The more energetic ones seem quite smooth. I thought it might be my video card (although other apps mange smooth transitions), but apparently not.
Ubuntu 20.05 LO

I gave up using Libre Office, particularly Impress.
-Slide transitions were awful (both with opencl on and off) - even a simple fade turned out to be a flashing nightmare.
-Animations are jerky and inconsistent with image positioning
-The scaling adjustment of animated graphics near the slide edge is impracticable.

I spent a couple of days trying and in the end had to reload MS Windows and Office just to get some work done.

Was running LO on Ubuntu 17.10 on a i7 with 16GBm ssd and an NVidia gtx1060
Also tried Manjaro on a VM

I love fiddling with computers and I’d love to be open source but I’ve tried a couple of times and had to reload Windows each time have to get some work done.

My favorite linux software is Darktable and Gimp, luckily both on Windows and Rapid Photo Downloader which is brilliant but only on linux.

Maybe I’ll try again some day.

I concur, I love using linux but as soon as I need to do any productive work in Libre office, particularly Impress, I have problems. As I type this I am readying my computer to reload windows because I need to get work done. I find this very sad because I love the Linux environment and actually think Libre has a lot of potential. Transitions are a nightmare.
This is the second time in 18 months I have given Libre office a try and I really am sad that I can’t stay for the open source / linux party.