Kerning Issues On Windows 10

I recently started up Impress for the first time and was greeted with this:

. I tried multiple fonts, screwed with paragraph spacing and font size, and restarting the program didn’t help. I uninstalled and then reinstalled with no luck.

The title slide is fine. Duplicating it and changing the alignment for the text works just fine, but it’s a huge pain. Is there an actual fix for this?

I really need help here. I have a presentation all written out but I need it in slideshow form by tomorrow.

(edit: activated screenshot)

Select the text with the issue, righ-click, character, position [tab], verify the pair kerning is fine.

Toggling it doesn’t change anything.

Is it caused by the font being called for by the presentation is not installed on the PC? Try using a font known to be installed.

Try Format > Character > Position …, options

Please upload a small example file with the problem.

There is a good illustration in another question here: Font rendering / kerning seems to be off (Calibri on Mac)