Key-combination to set cursorposition back to normal

LibreOffice has key-combination to set the position to superscript (control+shift+p) and subscript (ctrl+shift+b). After having used one of these key combinations the cursor remains in sub- or super-position.It would be nice if the position could be back set to normal with a key combination like ctrl+shift+n. At present this can only be done by entering format +character+ position = normal, which is a cumbersome exercise.

It seems you didn’t know that this is a trigger, a switch. Just press the same key combination again to return to the normal style.

I think you mean toggle rather than trigger.

Thanks to John: that is an easy way indeed to correct the cursor position.

@robleyd This is not me, this is Google translator. In his defense, I can say that my English is even worse :slight_smile:

However, your intentions are good :slight_smile: