Keyboard problem @ and" transposed how can I rectify

I recently upgraded to Libre Orrice 5 the operating system is Ubuntu 14.03, and since the upgrade to Libre Office the keyboard has transposed " and @ I have not changed my location, neither have I made any changes to settings anywhere! Are you able to offer any ideas, thanks

You do not say what language and keyboard you are using. If you are using an

English qwerty keyboard the number keys are 1/! 2/" 3/£ and 4/$. And then l/L ;/: '/@

American qwerty keyboard gives 1/! 2/@ 3/# and 4/$. And then l/L ;/: '/" where 1/! means lowercase 1 / uppercase 1 etc.

So the @ and " are transposed between the 2 and ’ keys. In my experience I would guess you may have switched keyboard settings. I would look there first.