Keyboard shortcut to hide/show all toolbars

Is there a keyboard shortcut to toggle the display of all toolbars?

I know of Ctrl-Shift-J to toggle Full Screen mode, which has no toolbars, but I need a non-fullscreen window to toggle toolbars. Thank you.

LibreOffice 5.3, CentOS 7.3, KDE 4.

Hello @dotancohen,

You could use the following macro and connect your own shortcut key to it:

Sub ToggleGUI()
	Dim bFrameGUIoff As Boolean
	bFrameGUIoff = ThisComponent.CurrentController.Frame.LayoutManager.HideCurrentUI
	ThisComponent.CurrentController.Frame.LayoutManager.HideCurrentUI = Not bFrameGUIoff
End Sub
  1. Copy the above macro to a Module somewhere in your “My Macro’s & Dialogs” Basic Library container,
  2. Select the menu “Tools : Customize…”,
  3. Select the tab “Keyboard”,
  4. Select the option button “LibreOffice” on the right side of the dialog, to make your shortcut key valid in all of LO,
  5. In the listbox called “Category”, scroll down to the item “LibreOffice Macros” and expand it by clicking on the small triangle,
  6. next also expand the item “user”, then locate and select the Module containing the macro from step 1,
  7. In the listbox called “Function”, select the function “ToggleGUI”,
  8. In the listbox “Shortcut Keys”, scroll down to find an available key combination and select it,
  9. Then press the “Modify” button.

Thank you, this is a terrific, detailed answer. I have not yet enough rep to upvote, but of course I select it as the selected answer. As soon as I have the rep I’ll upvote as well.

Again, thank you!

You’re welcome @dotancohen, glad i could be of help :smiley:
i upvoted your question as well.

Worked like a charm. Will upvote as soon as I got rep to do so.