Keyboard shortcuts for entering current time and date

Where could I find a summary (list) of keyboard shortcuts to enter date and time? (eg. ctrl+;). I have looked in LibreOffice Help and I can’t find them anywhere. I can find a page “Shortcut Keys for Spreadsheets”, but this page doesn’t seem to have the shortcuts I’m looking for.

1 version, language, and component (Writer, Draw, etc.) of LibreOffice

Build ID: 420m0(Build:3)

language: English

component: Calc

2 version and language of operating system

Ubuntu 14.04

English language

Here you can see all shortcuts you have by default and you can set-up your own ones as well.

Tools > customize > keyboard > shortcut keys window

on top right you can see possible selection in respect to LibOs elements.

date: ctrl+;
time ctrl+shift+;
This works in Calc and might also work in tables of Writer and Impress. But please check it out.

ctrl+; and ctrl+shift+; didn’t work for me (perhaps because I have Swedish language settings?).
However, I could assign the functions to different shortcuts. ctrl+, and ctrl+shift+, work perfectly.

Tools > customize > keyboard > shortcut keys window
Then search for the date function and assign a new shortcut.