Keypress events not detected in Base after update

Weirder and weirder …

I have recently posted a concern about certain parts of a form display going black after updating LO. That was resolved by updating further to LO BUT another peculiarity which showed itself then seems still to persist:

I attach a sample database with a single form
t55271.odb (19.5 KB)
On the left is a table grid in which the first field has multi-line display while the second does not. To the right of that is a single textbox outside the table grid. Prior to updating from LO I had keypress events attached to controls in a table grid which provided certain shortcuts (initiated, for example, by Cmd-B). Now, such events are simply not detected by controls within the table grid, though they are in the textbox which is not so contained.

I have set up two macros to test both keypresses and mouse double-clicks. The latter work everywhere, but I am at a loss to resolve the other problem.

(If the keypress macro is attached to the entire table grid, not to a single control within it, it works - but that may cause it to function in fields where it should not.)


I get all kinds of buggy behavior with key pressed and there are others which are not so clear either. Thought the was a bug report at one time but can’t seem to find. May be best just to file a new report → Bugzilla

Have done!