Keystroke Shortcuts in Writer

In LO, how can I create a keyboard shortcut so that if I change a font I can use the keystroke to return to the default font?

I saw in Tools/Customize/Keyboard that Command F was not assigned, but I don’t know how to set that up as the shortcut I want?


If you changed the font with the Format menu or Font Name drop-down list on the toolbar, no need to create a shortcut. There is a default shortcut to return to the default font (the current style): Ctrl+M

Thank you very much…worked perfectly!!

Nice! Just consider that Ctrl+M will erase all direct formatting, including paragraph attributes like centering and line spacing.

@alvarezp - Simply select the text to limit the effect to the selection

You can assign the keyboard shortcut to the execution of a macro.

  1. Follow the instructions at Recording a Macro from the LibreOffice Help to create a macro that sets the current font to the one of your choosing.

  2. As you tried before, use Tools » Customize » Keyboard to set Command + F to run the resulting macro.

Thank you for the help…it’s much appreciated.