Kindle Previewer shows lots of unwanted lines in my novel

The unwanted lines are caused by unintended paragraphs, many of them occurring at the end of sentences where they
don’t belong. Is there a shortcut to eliminating all these unwanted paragraphs? (They show up as paragraph symbols.)
Thank you. Okinawan Ace. I’m also interested in how these unwanted paragraphs occurred in the first place–what did
I do to create them?

Please explain in more detail what you are doing to get your data into a format suitable for the Kindle Previewer. For example, are you using an ODT → AZW3 service like CloudConvert?

I’m using Open Office X3.3 without any other services. To tell you the truth, I never heard of AZW Cloud Convert
but I’ll Google it to see what it does. Thank you. Okinawan Ace.

That is the version of OpenOffice that LO was forked from, so very old. It may also be worthwhile looking at upgrading to v3.6.7.2 or later. Does Kindle Previewer read ODT directly or do you have to save the ODT into a separate format?