Kiosk - Macro to force a Transition and time period to all Slides?

I’m trying to use the following:

Using the macros found here:

This should be sufficient to set the settings to do things to make the Kiosk loop through a presentation. But it’s not working as I had hoped.

If there’s no Transition between slides, it doesn’t advance, regardless of Presentation.IsAutomatic(True). I am looking for a way to macro in looping through all slides and setting the transition for every slide as it opens the document and before it starts the presentation.

Also would be a nice thing to remove all Animations from all slides as well. To eliminate that possibility of show stopping problems.

Anyone know of ways to do this in startup macros?


Figured this one out on my own.

Dim Doc as object
Dim CurSlide as object

Doc = ThisComponent

For i = 0 to Doc.getDrawPages().Count-1
  CurSlide = Doc.getDrawPages().getByIndex(i)
  CurSlide.Change = 1 // 0 = Click to Proceed, 1 = Automatic, 2 = Play objects automatically, but still need click?
  CurSlide.Duration = 15  // Time in seconds
Next i

// Return to first Slide before starting
CurSlide = Doc.getDrawPages().getByIndex(0)