Kurdish braille cyrillic tables

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I live in Kurdistan region northern of Iraq and I use the last version of LibreOffice, I want to ask how can I use the Kurdish Cyrillic letters to produce Kurdish braille tables instead of the Sorani Latin braille tables because in my home we use the Cyrillic letters ( like Arabic letters ) instead of the Latin letters. Please can anyone help me.

I am not clear on what the “braille” reference in the question is to. Presumably you wish to type the Cyrillic Kurmanjí letters shown here in the red column rather than the Soraní - modified Arabic letters in the green column? Footnote #4 for that table indicates:

The Script alphabet for Northern Kurdish dialect (Red KurmanjĂ­) follows the International recognized standard for Cyrillic Scripting group ISO-8859-5, with Unicode Scripting layout for Basic Latin Cyrillic.

You do not indicate your operating system, so how you install the required keyboard layout cannot be determined as this will vary between different operating systems. According to this link,

Neither Microsoft or Apple provide any Kurdish keyboard utilities, but do provide keyboards for other Cyrillic languages.

There does not appear to be specific support in LO for Cyrillic KurmanjĂ­ in terms of UI, help pack, or language pack, however a basic Cyrillic font and keyboard layout (e.g., Russian) should allow writing in this script.