L.O. (x64) - Base - is there a known bug with the tab/activation order?

I am new to LibreOffice, and based on what I’ve read, when I set my tab order (activation order) I should be able to tab through my fields in that order. I have set controls which do not need entry as tab stop “no” and sorted the other controls in the tab order I want, but when I tab through the form, it jumps all over the form.

I did a search here for an issue, but did not see anything regarding it not working correctly. Thanks to anyone that can provide a solution.


Do know of one problem with Tab sequence. This occurs when all fields are not visible. See tdf#93287.

On a current test of form see no problem other than noted report.

If you have further problems, please post a scrubbed sample (edit question to post) to help determine the cause.

Thank you. It is a similar issue, so I have updated that post with my information.