L.O. prints blank pages - problem identified/solved

I’m currently using Mac OS 10.15.7 with Libre Office To try a fix the blank-page problem using L.O. After many hours of troubleshooting I discovered L.O. does not print newly created L.O. documents but will print L.O. documents created several years ago. In an attempt to resolve this issue I downloaded and installed L.O. Same issue. The document appear okay in Preview and even when clicking “Print” in Preview, but all that prints out is a blank page. In desperation I downloaded and installed L.O. SUCCESS! For whatever reason the newer versions of Libre Office will not print out newly created documents . I attempted to print on two different Epson inkjet printers with the same result. So I think we can rule out the printers. For completeness, I’m also using a MacMini6,2 (Late-2012)

Version 7.0.x, are for pioneers, the guaranteed stable version is

@schiavinatto: on MacOS??? I’m using LO coming from standard Fedora repository. I didn’t activate the testing repos. IMHO, is now “stable”.

On the official page it does not say that it is stable.

I was using version since the launch, files started to crash on opening, I went back to and the files started working again.