Labels: How do I format text after creating the file?

Hi, when I print the form letter from a bunch of labels to a new Writer document file, I would like to check the formatting for individual labels, e.g. to make sure line breaks don’t happen between first and last names. While I can edit the text of the first label in the upper left corners, editing seems to be disabled in all the other labels. Is there a way I can edit the printable labels individually?

Much thanks, Erwin.


I am continuing from your other post about vertical centering.

So you should have you labels at this point and can select data sources (using vertical centering here):

So after selecting records for labels, next is “Mail Merge”:

Step 1 - use current document then Next.

Step 2 - Letter then Finish.

Then Save Current Documents:

Then Save as single document:

image description

Now open that saved document:

Modify appropriate labels - will do so with center here:

Now Print:

Centering (Vertical) and formatting all retained.

Thank you for the detailed instructions, Ratslinger! However, when I opened my saved document, it was not possible to edit other labels than the upper left one. I wanted to make small changes such as line breaks, but did not manage to edit the other label’s text. Is this intended, a bug or do I need to activate a specific function to edit individual label’s properties? Much thanks for the help!


I am a bit confused as to where you are having the problem. If you look at my screens, the last one before printing, the change was made to a label other than the upper left purposely. Is this where the problem lies? If so there is something wrong. You don’t state your OS or specific LO version used. This test was done on Ubuntu 18.04 with LO v6.3.4.2 from TDF (The Document Foundation).

Now if you are eluding to the first screen in my answer with field names, then yes only the upper left can be modified. Once that is modified then the remainder can duplicate that format by using the Synchronize function. For a bit more on that see this post → how to keep font information on labels with data from spreadsheet database?

Hi! I was having the same problem and also couldn’t solve it, despite the advice of @Ratslinger.

Then I found a solution, that may be applied to the generated document (form print), or directly to the initial template file.

(My system language is portuguese and I’ll describe the steps in English, so names may vary)

Go to menu “Format”>“Sections”.
You’ll see that all labels have their own “section” and that every one, but the first, is protected from writing.
Do a Ctrl+A to select all and uncheck the box “Protect from writing”.

You will now be able to edit any label. If you do it to the template, new generated labels will already be editable.