Labels printing field names not values

I am using LibreOffice I have prepared a Table of names and addresses. From this list, I have generated a query which shows all those that I wish to send Christmas Card to. This I did without too much difficulty, the query selecting all the records that had “Yes” in a field named “Christmas.”*
I then used the File/New/Labels to construct a label sheet. On clicking “New” Document I sheet a sheet with Field names for each label which I can arrange as I wish.
However when I print the labels, each label prints the field names instead of the field data.
Can you advise please?
Thank you, Jim

*Although the condition “Yes” was in the Christmas Field Name not all records were displayed. It turns out some “Yes” in the record field, although looking identical, were different and I replaced a “Yes” that did not send a record to the query yoth a “Yes” that did and all was well!

Following a “Google” search I have found the answer to this problem and managed to get data into the Label Fields - all except one Field! I am investigating why one Field is not getting data. :slight_smile: - Which turns out to have been due to a simple spelling error. All is now Well! :slight_smile: