landscape portrait printing problem

I have had this program for a few years and just get frustrated every time and stop trying using it, but for the last couple of weeks, I have been trying to solve the same nagging problem that I see has been around since 2015 but I haven’t found the proper answer to fix this annoying. Everytime I print, it comes landscape and I have reinstalled the printer, installed a new printer and even though it is all set up Portrait, which is what I want to print, it prints landscape. I even phone an administrator last Friday morning and even, he couldn’t solve this quirk Does anybody out there found the cure and why is LibreOffice doing anything about it since this was brought up years ago. I was going to buy the Pro model but now I’m not so sure as LibreOffice doesn’t have any techs to help you. It is so pathetic

Hi @Blazer1, there are a lot of questions about this matter (e.g., see this.) I wonder how one can just skip a lot of proposals from the site when one types the title. Is that a kind of sports to create duplicate questions without taking 1 second to see that it’s already answered multiple times?

Dear Mikeski. I contacted the Administrators of LibreOffice and left a voice message and never received an answer. I even Phoned one of the Directors and he tried to help but was unsuccessful, and the answer you refer to is only a band-aid fix and not the Cure and its the Permanent fix I’m looking for, and before I buy the Pro version, I want to know if it has been finally fixed. Perhaps, if people were more helpful, instead of keeping score, in your sports games of how many times a reference is made, to your idea of the duplicate questions. I asked if any cure was found for the LibreOffice Landscape bug, and no I didn’t find it, so perhaps if you know the permanent cure, it would be a Great help to all those who are looking for the Permanent fix and not a band-aid fix that you need to repeat everytime you wish to print. You can gain greater respect by helping others rather than have that smug sarcastic dribble!

Oh so you are asking other users (who mostly answer questions on this site) for a “permanent cure” of a bug? The only proper permanent cure for a bug is bugfix. And since you see the bug in LO, it’s not fixed yet for the version.

You could also notice that my “useless” “band-aid fix” link actually contained a mention of the bug report. That is the place where the bug’s status is being tracked, and the day it will be fixed, a message will appear there about that. Yes, absolutely unhelpful.

That kind of attitude is absolutely not helpful!