Landscape Table over 2 pages. Add portrait page

I have a table running over two Landscape pages.
I would like the next page to be portrait.
Please help

Page orientation is a property of page styles like margins, header, footer.

Whenever you want to have a different attribute on subsequent pages, you must use different page styles.

LO Writer comes with a collection of built-in page styles. One of them is named Landscape with said orientation, another one is Default Style with the usual portrait orientation.

To change from one page style to another, you must create a break in text flow with Insert>More Breaks>Manual Break. Select Page Break and choose the new page style from the drop down menu.

Reading the Writer Guide, notably the chapters about styles, is highly recommended.

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Sounds like the solution for Writer. The solution should be independent of the contents of the pages so it’s irrelevant that the landscape pages contain a big table.

However, if the question is about changing page orientation within the same sheet in CALC …? As far as I found it’s not possible. (see this tutorial for LO LibreOffice Calc: Page Styles and Page Settings - Ahuka Communications - I don’t think this has changed dramatically since.)

A possible workaround would be to move all cells from the range in the first sheet which shall be printed in portrait to a new second sheet. (All references to cells outside the moved area will become references to sheet1.) Create a second page-style from “Default” with the other page orientation (use F11 to open styles menu). Assign the appropriate page style to sheet1 respective sheet2. Selecting both sheets File → Print Preview should show the desired result.

Thanks - worked like a dream. Would have taken me ages to find this on my own.

@Zagzigger1: you’re welcome. Don’t forget to read the guide, the solution (and many other good advice) is there.