Language reference that explains the terms used in macros

I woulld like to start writing macros in LO Basic. I have a lot of experience in VBA. I recorded a simple macro in Writer which turned out to have dozens of terms I know nothing about and am not sure what they do. In VBA I could look up the meaning and usage of the various methods, functions, etc. under “Language Reference” I can not find the equivalent in LO Basic or Help and haven’t yet found an equivalent on the web. for example i would like to look up what a term like createUnoService means or executeDispatch or some of these terms com,sun,star,frame, DispatchHelper.
I am not asking for someone to explain these particular terms, but where I can find explanations about them and the many others ijn LO Basic.

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The first thing I try is usually google and for createUnoService my first hit is a LibreOffice help-page (i never found out why google prefers 6.4 help) wich has a link to the api.
English version:

But it is also true, the api is not all. Especially recorded macros use internal uno-commands wich sometimes can do things different from API. So unlike VBA, recorded macros do not help to understand how the API is organized.
You may start here:
There is also a third group now: The Scriptforge library try to give a new approach to programming in LibreOffice, but you have to find out their way too… But they com with integration to help and examples for Python:

I went through this a few years ago. :slightly_smiling_face:
In my opinion, the best way is A. Pitonyak’s books, starting with OOME_4_1.odt (which @JohnSUN wrote about).
Links to the list of LO Basic operators and functions here.

Also the Basic Reference Cards are skillful.
You can also look to older StarOffice Programmer’s tutorial.