Language selection doesn't show Italian language

Hello there! I’m using LO on Ubuntu Mate 20.04 .
The system has 3 languages defined: Spanish (locale language), Italian and English.
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When I open a document with LOWriter, the language selector on the bottom panel shows only Spanish languages (yes shows 2 versions of Spanish), sometimes English, but never Italian.
If I select “More Languages → Italian” then in the subsequent documents of the same LO session the Italian language appears when click on languages selector, if I close and reopen LO Italian disappears. But frankly it is annoying to go to select every time the language.
My question is: how can I always have the Italian language (and possibly English) in the languages selector?

You can’t. The control at the status bar is dynamic, using a sort of heuristics to guess the language from the cursor position based on character frequencies. It is highly inaccurate. This is tdf#95274. See also this for a bit of technical explanation.

If you’re frequently writing in Italian (or any non-locale language), I suggest you collect your paragraph styles into a language-specific template. In this template, you change paragraph style Default Paragraph Style, Font tab, Language drop-down menu to the target language.

Since all paragraph styles inherit from Default ParagraphjStyle, the selected language is transferred to all other styles.

For multi-language documents, template configuration is hardly more difficult: you configure Default Paragraph Style for the main language and add specific Text Body xx for the other languages.

@ mikekaganski
I understand, but maybe it should be more effective to list all installed languages on the bottom bar button and the user can easily select the desired language.

@ ajlittoz
Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll try it.