Language Tool no longer likes double space after period.

L.O. with Language Tool 4.2 now believes double space after after a period is wrong.
Language Tool 3.9 thought it was OK, and so does MS Word. Where is the switch to make LT4.2 behave like LT3.9?

See also this question (it isn’t related to LT though).

Also: LT has its own site with forum and bug tracker

Double space after after a period is wrong.
This is an unfortunate habit from the typewriter era.

You will not find any modern textbook set with double spaces after the period.
The space is not needed and interrupts the visual flow.
It can also create unsightly rivers of whitespace flowing down through the text.

Hopefully this issue will go away someday so we do not have to keep fixing so many received documents still using this antiquated bad habit.

Also I did not find any way to edit this out of LanguageTool.
And no GitHub issues mention it that I could find.

Get used to it. Its better.


This is incorrect. Single space after a period is an unfortunate holdover LIMITATION of the computer era. It saves a few bits and early on in the computer era it was helpful to save as much memory is still in practice when it comes to text.

Please understand that some people still use double space as it’s PROPER to do so. It isn’t wrong, it’s correct. Single space after a period is actually wrong.

I’m not here to argue, but I don’t think “get used to it” is a proper response. People who write with proper form should be able to access this feature today. The fact it hasn’t been fixed is a signal of lazy computing and not because of standardization.

The only bad habit is not knowing how to properly type. And you’re advocating improper typing techniques.

The APA Manual itself even states, to this day, that two spaces come after punctuation at the end of a sentance.

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