How to disable tilde waves indicating more than one space between words?

If I type a heading, for example, and I want to space the words out a little without creating/applying a spacing ‘style’ or whatever… I type two or more spaces. Libre Writer, supposedly helpfully, indicates my possible keybounce or spastic typing by displaying a subscripted tilde, or wave, for each space. It’s distracting, I don’t need it, and it will just cause me to go use WordPad, since I don’t have time to search for a setting to turn this OFF. I had to dump MSOffice 2010 for the last Windows 10 update and thought I’d try LibreOffice, but it’s overthinking my typing needs. I just want to disable this particular auto-help for now (I might turn that particular one back on for the finished document, but…) …and it isn’t View, Formatting Marks.

Menu ToolsOptionsLanguage SettingsEnglish sentence checking; Punctuation group, Word spacing checkbox.

Thank you.