Languagetool libreoffice 6.1.4 windows 10. 64

Hi people,

I install the new versión of libreoffice 6.1.4… and after that I try install languagetool 4.4.1
The problem is that it dont work, and said to me the message “Could not create java implementation folder”.

I have the last versión from java… have anyone the same problem? who knows what i can do ?

Thanks for all.


It may be a problem with the Java you have installed. Insure you have 32-bit JRE if using LO 32-bit or 64-bit JRE if using LO 64-bit. Once installed, check the setting from menu Tools->Options then under LibreOffice->Advanced insure Use a Java runtime environment is checked. After a few seconds a JRE environment should display if you have a correct JRE installed. Make certain it is selected - click on circle to left of Oracle Corporation. A dot will appear in the circle signifying it as selected (there can be many JRE’s installed for LO).

Have tested this on LO 64-bit on Linux Mint 18.3 and works. However, did have crashing in most selections when used with OpenJDK vs Oracle JRE.

hi, thanks for your repply. the problem was that didn’t find my java. I reinstall libreoffice again and It’s work now…