Large Cacl file slowing down a little, Is that normal?

It is only 2,277 kb, I’m not even sure that it is large. But is it normal that it begins to slow down, a little? I was a bit worried, and noticed from another question here, that a file can be cleaned up, somehow?? Is this something I should do?

In my experience, yes, larger files are slower to load, render, and save. I don’t know about “cleaning up”. If you avoid doing redundant calculations, displaying the same data in more than one or two places, and overly complicated charts, there is not much else that you can do. Simpler charts are easier for other people to understand and they render faster, but complicated charts are sometimes necessary to convey complicated ideas.

Thanks @ve3oat, helps knowing others thoughts on a new topic to me, and that I’m not missing doing a basic. Thanks