Large Math Intersection or Union Symbols From LaTeX

Does anyone know if there is a feature in LibreOffice Math that enables the symbols to be rendered similar to the following tags used in LaTeX?:








Thank you!


p.s. The LaTeX code above should be on three separate lines … they are merging in this description. Don’t know how to avoid that text flow … sorry. [[ and \ - backslash start new lines.

LaTeX rendered symbols down the page: ref

Try these in the formula editor:

stack {10 # size*3 {{} union {}} # n=1}A_n 
stack {10 # size*3 {{} intersection {}} # n=1}A_n

This choice was the best as it demonstrated the large intersection symbol albeit the upper and lower limit spans’ text was a bit oversized and I couldn’t find a method to adjust that. There probably is, I just don’t know how to do it.

stack {size * .5 10 # size*3 {{} union {}} # size * .5 {n=1}}A_n

I like this solution better since ‘oper U’ below makes the union sign appear italicized. However, it would be nice if there was a built-in function, similar to the existing Sum for doing this. Perhaps Union…

I did some poking around, starting with this answer. The problem is that “oper” only accepts a character as its argument, so I needed to define a character for Union and (more graphically unique) one for Intersection. This other link on the site (New Symbol in Math) gave me the missing tidbit. So here’s how it worked:

  1. Open the equation editor

  2. Select Tools/Catalog

  3. Select Symbol set “Special”

  4. Click one of the glyphs (it doesn’t matter which)

  5. Hit Edit (don’t worry, you won’t change the glyph you picked… probably)

  6. Find the appropriate glyph in the symbol set (union and intersection were on the 6th row for me)

  7. Click the glyph

  8. Change the text in “Symbol” to your text (such as “union”)

  9. Note that it’s telling you that you’ll change the definition of your existing symbol. It’s lying.

  10. Hit “Add” (not Modify!)

  11. You’ll see the new symbol added to the symbol set list.

  12. Close, and you can use your new symbol like a greek letter:

    oper %union from {n=1} to 10 A_n
    oper %intersection from {n=1} to 10 A_n

Hope that helps. This topic plus the linked one really saved my bacon, so I hope this gives something back.

This worked the best for me out of all the solutions available ! +1 (if I could :frowning: )

For union you can use a U as operator. Try this in the formula editor:

oper U from {n=1} to 10 A_n

If you find a symbol for intersection you can do the same (using oper).

I went with this method even though the intersection symbol [that I extracted from open symbol and pasted in the formula] was smaller … even if I pasted a large character … the limit texts were smaller and less invasive. It’d be nice if libreoffice could match LaTeX closer in appearance.

You can use the extension TeXmaths to type in LaTeX directly into LibreOffice!

It says tested with 4.2 but works well within LibO 5!