Latest version of LibreOffice

I have just received a mailshot notifying me of an updated version:

I see that the latest version is 7.5.4 (no further specification on sourceforge) and there also seems to be a newer version (web search result) and even 7.6.
LibreOffice 7.6 Community: Release Notes - The Document Foundation Wiki
yet my version is the latest when I check for updates.

Can you kindly show the latest version on the official page more clearly and more specifically?

Do you mean adding a message next to 7.5.4 on the official download page, telling “yes, this is the latest released version, no matter if you see some information about a future 7.6 (mentioned as a pre-release down below), or even some fake”?

Another free software producer (on github) does this for example:

wich is communicated quite clearly:

Considering the diverse environment in Linux, where the “latest” version is not “latest by tdf” but last version made available by the maintainers of my distribution this should be precise enough.
It will be even more complex, when you add insights to nightly builds etc.
And imho git/github is targeted to developers, not the typical end-user…

OK… Fair enough… but did not find what you screenshot…maybe I missed it.

No worries!


It is on the page that @mikekaganski linked; scroll down the page…

Sometimes reading is hard.

I still cannot see it… but don’t worry.

Here’s a screen capture of the whole page for your benefit. You may need to scroll down to see :slight_smile:

OK… I see that. Thanks!