Latest version problems

Just upgraded to latest version but now when I try to shut down using ‘’ Exit Libre Office ‘’ nothing happens.
Have to close programme using white cross in red box at top of page

“Latest Version” is not clear enough. v5.0.x and 5.1.x can both be considered latest but are very different in some ways. Also, what operating system? Using LO v5.1.3.2 on Linux xubuntu 16.04 system, I have no problem. From what version did you upgrade? Occasionally resetting the user profile corrects the problem click here. Please edit your question with further information.

how does one downgrade?

@ctsned - it is not proper to ask a question which is not relevant or off topic. If you have searched for the answer and have not found it, please submit a new question. Questions embedded like this cannot be found by others looking for answers.