Layout of headers and footers cannot be saved in xlsx format

The layout of page headers and footers cannot be saved in xlsx format. When I am working on a file everything goes well, but the layout of headers and footers is changed when I open the file again after having it saved and closed. When I insert the file title (file name without extension) as a header or footer, it is changed into the file name (with extension) when I reopen the file. When I use bold characters in headers and footers, they are changed into standard characters when I reopen the file. These problems do not occur when I save the file in ods format. As I sometimes share files with MS Excel users, I wonder if it is possible to retain the headers and footers layout in xlsx format. I am working with LibreOffice in Windows 11.

Use ODS format.

Compatibility problem?

Please report the behavior also as an error in Bugzilla .

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How to Report Bugs in LibreOffice .

Please post the link to the bug here.
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I could never find any option in Word & Excel to add a filename without extension, maybe the latest versions allow that. Funny really, MS Windows default to not showing extensions but MS Office insists on extensions.

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Always use the native, international standard ODF file formats.
Note: there is not (never was and never will be) 100% compatibility between the different file formats and between the different applications.

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You can try, if Excel does this better than Calc. Give them an .ods-File, as Excel can read them. Maybe Excel can successfully load the file, then saving as .xlsx should pose no probem for advanced Excel-Users, some actually may not know how to change defaults.

This is Excel’s file formats limitation. The markup used in XLSX is defined in ECMA-376 Part 1 headerFooter (Header Footer Settings); and the filename field is specified there as simple &F, with no way to fine-tune.

Every time you export from any program to an alien file format, you need to understand that many things may change, resulting in poor output; including parts of formatting and even data lost. And often it’s not because of bugs in export code, but simply because the chosen format can’t hold such formatting/information. You likely wouldn’t be surprised to see headers lost completely when exporting to CSV; in this case, you see that XLSX is also not a almighty file format, and has own limitations.