Leaving a cell unchanged

Is there a formula format, which if condition is not met, leaves the cell unchanged?

Please, share an example of what do you need. Thanks.

Thanks for following this up.
I want to have a figure, say 160, in C3 which is automatically replicated in C7,C13,C19 etc
Then if I change the 160, could be up or down, it will change future months but not past ones.
I’ve played about with TODAY() but got nowhere. As you can tell, I’m no expert !!

Try the following formula in D3 and drag down


Nother way:

  1. Select C4:C23 (starting below the first cell) with input focus on C4
  2. Copy the selection
  3. Keep the selection, type =C3, confirm with ALT+Enter
  4. Paste-special [Ctrl+Shift+V], paste “All” with option “Skip empty cells”.

I’m not clear how these relate to date i.e. if I change C3 today, I want it to update C13 & C19 but not C7.


In version, Validity is for typed content (not pasted content, nor formulas).