Length of Dashed Lines in Calc Chart Legend Series

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I use Calc to create a chart for a certain series and to assign a line style to this series to be some style other than Continuous (Dotted, Dashed, etc). That causes the corresponding line in the legend to become very long, longer than is reasonable in my opinion. For Continuous line style this does not happen. Is there a way to change this? For example so that the length of the line in the legend for Discontinuous (Dashed, Dotted, etc) lines would be the same as for Continuous lines? I included a link to a similar question that appeared in this forum.
Thank you in advance.

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I can’t see a bug report. Maybe I should have looked a bit more.

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Do you suggest that I file a bug report? I think that this is all due to Double Dashed Lines, which require a longer line length in order to show 2 dashes in their entirety. Another issue I noticed is that the transparency settings of the Line do not apply to the Icons/Markers, which can be a problem also.

When I tested, only continuos line don’t cause the line in legend to be longer. I think that this can be intentional to allow the difference between lines to be shown.

If you don’t need symbols in the lines, a workaround is to enlarge the chart, axis font size, legend font size, and all other text in the chart. But then, the chart must be exported as image, to downsize it.