Let a cellvalue define the Arrays (Single-row) in COUNTIF

I might be a little tired but I cannot find the answer
I got a long array: a single row of 60 cells
I need to do this function on a part of the array COUNTIF(O60:BV60;0)
But I need to tell the funktion if someone types e.g. 9 in a cell that the array is now “O60:Y60”
(other time it hava to searh the long array)

I don’t know how 9 gets you to O60:Y60 but the OFFSET function might do what you need.

What I’m searching - cut to the bone - is to do this - COUNTIF(A1:A(1+9)) (move the reference in the last A1 nine cells) = COUNTIF(A1:A10) IF i am sending 4 then it is COUNTIF(A1:A5)


but from O to Y the “width in Columns is 11 but not 9


or replace the literal 11 with the Celladress where you input the 11