Every new item I do is a learning experience switching from Microsoft and today it is letterheads. I set up a template (and did the same using the “Wizard”–tried two different methods).

The actual letterhead I want 1/2" from the left/right margins and top margin, but I cannot seem to do that without changing the margins for the entire page.

What I mean by “letterhead” is a logo/address/etc. with info in a footer that all stays the same when I call it up–being 1/2" from top/bottom/left/right margins. Then I would type the actual letter in between and, if it goes to a second page, it would be a blank sheet. When I tried to change the margins using style change, it changed it for the entire doc, not just the header/footer.

I am using LibreOffice version on a MacBook Big Sur OS 11.5.1.

Thanks for any assistance.

By “letterhead”, do you mean some fixed text (and optional logo) always positioned at a defined location in the page?

I see at least 3 solutions:

  • fixed ordinary text; your letter then begins below this fixed text
  • fixed text in the header; you configure your page style so that the first page header is not the same as subsequent pages (letterhead appears only on first page)
  • fixed text in a text frame; with specific wrap properties so that letter contents can flow around the letterhead (usually at right and below) – since letter head is supposed to appear only on page one, your anchor it To page.

For the no-print issue, best thing to do is to attach your example file. For that, edit your question and use the “paperclip” tool (not available in a comment).

As usual, mention OS name and LO version.

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Thank you–edited original question leaving out print issue–found it is was my printer on this issue, tried from another computer.

I edited a bit your question to make it more legible.

You must learn how to use page styles. And, of course, save .odt because foreign formats have no notion of page styles and your layout would be lost.

A letter is a simple case, so I assume you only need to make provision for the first page to be different. You can work wit the Default Page Style which is simply accessed through Format>Page Style.

The simplest solution is to put everything in the footer in a bottom rectangular full-width area. No letter contents will interfere with this footer.

  • Go to Footer tab
  • Check Footer on to create the footer area
  • Uncheck Same content on first page to detach the first page from the subsequent ones
  • OK

Advice: enable View>Text Boundaries and View>Formatting Marks to facilitate locating the various elements of the page and see the formatting marks. These clues do not print, so you can leave them always enabled to better see what you are doing.

Click in the footer area (first page) to enter your logo/address/phone number/… The footer of subsequent pages remains empty. Click in the main area to return to letter typing.

CAUTION! Writer has a special notion of template. It is a special kind of files. To save as a template, use Files>Templates>Save as Template. To use this template, File>New>Templates. As it is saved in some “obscure” location (though perfectly configurable), I recommend you also save your template in one of your directories for easier maintenance and update. Under File>Save As, take care to select ODF Text Document Template (.ott).

When you want to modify a template, open it with File>Templates>Open as Template otherwise you get a new blank ordinary document based on the template.

There is another solution in case you want your letterhead occupying only a portion of the width, but it is more complicated for a newbie. It involves another kind of object and style: frame and frame style. Start with simple things.

I recommend you read the Writer Guide for an introduction to styles.

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Thank you–I will try implementing your suggestions. Why is this so much more difficult to learn than MO was? Could it be the added years :slight_smile: ? I appreciate your patience.

It is not more difficult than M$ Office. It seems so because it is based on different principles. IMHO, LO principles are much more rigorous and consistent than those in M$ Word, in particular the ubiquitous styles. Once you have understood these principles, using LO seems much easier than M$O because there is no twist due to the “orthogonal” specification.

Some complexity may come from the wider possibilities in Writer. You can manage documents in Writer which would require a desktop publication application if you only have Word at your disposal.

Remember that any application is not a copy of another one and can’t be a drop-in replacement. You must accept this and force yourself into forgetting your routine with the previous application and into learning at least the basics for the new one (even if you think you know the basics).

Thank you. I just ordered the Writer guide in hard copy (easier for me to learn from than online) and you are correct–I just need to do it. I do appreciate the advice.

You’re welcome.

There is also a very good book, more in the tutorial style: Bruce Byfield’s Designing with Styles