Letters getting "vertically cut"

This has been a problem I’ve been dealing with for a while now, and I was wondering if it’s something that could have a solution:

I am currently using Pop_OS! 22.04, LibreOffice version 7.3. I have been working on a Microsoft Office Word document (.docx) for the past years; however, sometimes, I have to deal with a weird visual glitch that sometimes can be fixed, sometimes not. Problem is that some letters get cut in half, more or less, in random spots of the document. Sometimes it can be fixed by replacing the whitespace besides it with a new one, which sounds weird, but it works; other times, it forces me to use a different word, sentence or whatever to make it go away. For example:


Both go unnoticed with ease. The fixable case, I think it happens to letters with no additional format that are besides a whitespace with one (italics, bold, a different font…). Not sure if it’s always that or something else too. The unfixable one is weirder, as if it had something to do with the page’s width itself or something beyond my control.

I was wondering if there is a solution for this or is it some problematic MS compatibility issue?

Please provide more details:

  • since it comes from a .docx document presumably created under Windows, is the claimed font installed? Does a substitution occurs?
    You can tell by looking at the main toolbar, font menu. If font name is italic, substitution is occurring.
  • is it standard text sequence?
    I mean is the clipped text inside some “container” like a text box or text frame?
  • does it show up at every zoom factor?
    Due to pixel quantization, rendering may be altered at lower factors (<100%). If glyphs have their normal shape at 200% or 400%, it is only a display artefact. Maybe related to screen pixel density (more likely to occur with 96dpi screen or less).

If you can’t answer or what I asked leads nowhere, attach a small sample file (no more than 2 pages), making sure the problem is still present on your side. Don’t forget to tell in the sample where to look.

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I got some:

  • The .docx file was indeed created in Windows at first. The font is “Arial” size 11, however, there is another problem I have been dealing with since the beginning there, one which is also weird: it used to be “ARial”, literally with capital “AR”, it is impossible to write or select “Arial” unless you write “ARrial” first and delete the capital R. Both of them seem to look the same, but I am just adding this just in case, I assumed it was written like that maybe due to some copyright or license issues, but I don’t know. Also, “Arial” is in italic, I guess it is a substitution as you said.
  • Standard sequence, I haven’t used boxes, containers nor styles (I was told not to use Styles here because this .docx will be opened by MS Word again in the future, by others, although I should learn to use them).
  • It does change (gets fixed) by changing the zoom! I work at 120% all the time in this document, I think this could had been the problem all this time! I will verify these errors don’t happen at 100% zoom either, and also check if the Print Preview or PDFs have them too or not, I forgot to ever do that.

Thank you so much for the help! You saved my life.

Look for it in the Character dialog.