Liberation font and Unicode

This string ♫♫♫ is supposed to contain 3 * 2 eighth notes. The Liberation fonts, which LibreOffice has chosen for default fonts, show the eighth notes as 16th notes (try to copy paste it into a LibreOffice document). I haven’t found other fonts that make this same error. The unicode for beamed eighth notes is U+266B and its name is ‘BEAMED EIGHTH NOTES’. Not just any notes.
This might not be the right forum for reporting this to get the font glyphs corrected, but perhaps the LibreOffice developers might consider if the Liberation font family is suitable for being the default font. Are there perhaps other wrongly drawn glyphs? Mixing 8th notes and 16th notes is kind of same error as mixing fractions. You don’t want to write ¾ and have it changed into ⅜ just because of a badly created font.

A bug in any component is just a matter of fixing that bug, not something to start questioning if it’s suitable for being the default. Only if you can prove that any other choice is guaranteed from any other bug (which is impossible), it is worth of such consideration based on “I found a bug in Liberation”.

Please file the bug properly against Liberation fonts.

This might not be the right forum for reporting

  1. This is not a forum. This is a questions and answers site for LibreOffice users.
  2. No, this is not the right place to report any issues at all, see more details here: Ask/Getting Started - The Document Foundation Wiki

AFAIK, Liberation fonts where chosen not because they are “good” fonts (they are not), but because they are (at least, they claim to be) metrically compatible with Times New Roman and Arial. Liberation fonts have several problems and shortcomings, though, and the first thing I do on a new LibreOffice install is to change the default template to use Libertinus font family instead. As suggested, you can fill bug reports on both projects: with the Liberation project to point to the problem and with the LibreOffice project to ask for a better default font.

@RGB-es: it absolutely doesn’t make sense to file bugs asking for a “better default font” unless there is a specific proposal backed by some analysis. I believe you have proper skills for such a proposal, and also knowledge for discussing possible questions arising from that. Please do if you believe it’s a good thing; please don’t ask a random person to file such request which would likely just result in it being closed WONTFIX of somesuch, to the questioner’s sadness.

@mikekaganski I’m not asking anyone to fill a bug report, I’m just telling that’s possible to do so. I’ve already filled more than one bug report about the default template and I won’t do it again, it’s useless. I almost ended my previous comment with a “but don’t hold your breath waiting for a solution” but then I deleted that remark because it sounded too harsh.

Why harsh? If I were a developer (of LibreOffice), I would assign the lowermost priority (if any) to such a request because I would not deem it feasible to change the default font(s) only because of a single wrong or missing glyph that 99% users don’t even expect to exist.

However, filing a bug report to the font team makes sense. A bug is a bug.

There are quite a few fonts which make the same error.
See here:
Click on the View text link to see the actual character.
Just in the fonts tested on that page there are quite a few with the same issue.
Andale Mono, Arimo, Consolas, Cousine, Liberation Mono, Liberation Sans, Liberation Serif, and Tinos.

The issue should be reported to the Liberation fonts issue tracker here:

Nobody from the LibreOffice project is going to modify those fonts.

If someone actually needs musical notes there are much better free fonts designed for that purpose.

Given that it is highly unlikely that this issue affects the majority of LibreOffice users,
it is not likely to have any affect on the default fonts chosen for templates.

If this is a big problem for you it would be to your benefit to modify the default templates with the fonts you desire.