will not load

New 64 bit Computer with mint 18.2 KDE, transfered Mysql database to new computer. I downloaded and installed the MySql connector (mysql-connector-linux_4-3_x86_64). The first access to database (yesterday) went well but today when I tried to access the DB I received an error message that app could not load Could not access DB.

I used the MySQL Native Connector for LibreOffice 4.x - 1.0.2 which has been successfully used on LibreOffice version 5 on another computer (32 bit computer). I know of but have never tried the JDBC and the ODBC connectors but I do not know the SDBC connection. I have followed the links supplied and the SDBC connector seems older that the mysql Native connector which is dated 2014. This connector can be obtained Here I am examining the JDBC and ODBC connections but the Native connector has alway

It appears you haven’t taken the 5 minutes it requires to uninstall the current connector, download the 1.2.0 connector and install it. Have been through all this a few years ago when I first started with MySQL and had similar problems. 32 & 64 bit LO are different. At least TRY the mentioned connector.

I followed up on Ratslinger’ suggestion and installed the MySql connector from the Apache openoffice extension site and I was able to connect to the mysql database via Base. If this connection holds in the next few days I can consider this link as solved

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This is not a direct answer to your question. The name of the connector does not indicate of what type it is; SDBC, JDBC or ODBC. Also if one of the latter two is seems like an older version so it isn’t clear where you got this from.

Have gotten all three connector types successfully working. The SDBC being the toughest to locate one which works (using Mint 18.3 & other Linux distros). See this post → Trying to add MySQL connector for links to latest connectors which work.


It appears, after further digging, is for the SBDC connector. Best remove the one installed and to use the v1.2.0 pointed to in the link above.

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The ‘Native’ connector IS the SDBC connector referred to. Try the v1.2.0 SDBC ("Native’) connector in the link. Have been using this for years & is faster than the JDBC & ODBC connectors. The SDBC connector is a specific connector for LO to MySQL whereas the JDBC & ODBC are general type connectors which can apply to connecting MySQL with various aps.