LibO I cannot install 'OKDict-1.0.0.oxt' → msci_uno bridge error

The extension OKDict-1.0.0.oxt [1] works fine with LibO 3.5.4/ (on WinXP).

I cannot install OKDict-1.0.0.oxt in LibO (via Extension Manager → Add…) due to the following error message:

[msci_uno bridge error] UNO type of C++ exception unknown: “CLuceneError”,

Helpful suggestions?

[1] OKDict - Kilargo

Please file a bug ( Presumably this will be due to some problem with the extensions built-in help or LibreOffice’s parsing of that help

Which suggests that (if you desperately need to get it to work) if you unzipped OKDict-1.0.0.oxt and edited META-INF/manifest.xml and removed the lines…

  <manifest:file-entry manifest:media-type="application/" 

and rezipped it up again that it might then work

Thanks–done → fdo#51572

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The modified extension has been installed without error message and works well
now (w/o help).

fdo#51572 has been fixed :slight_smile: — ‘Accept Answer’ button still unavailable → fdo#51569 — marked as [SOLVED]

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