LibO4 - Edit a template

I have a template that I want to edit.

In previous versions menu File->Templates->Edit… option allowed me to do that.

That option no longer exists.

How can I do that in LibO4.

Thanks in advance

The Template Manger solution is not a fix. Many collaborative work situations share templates in many locations (by project, for example). Importing dozens of constantly changing locations by hundreds of users makes import to Template Manager infeasible. The Open button on the dialog simply needs to allow “Edit” as an option. (My two work arounds at the moment are 1. use the file open dialog, right click on the .ott to open and pick “Open”, and 2. Right click on the file in the OS file manager and pick “Open” instead of “New”.)

@digitect - in my version ( neither of those fixes can be used. So, another use case in the trashbin! Good thing I never got around to getting serious with templates. :expressionless:

You can open the new Template Manager

via menu "File → New → Templates",

or via "StartCenter → Templates".

(1) Select the template

(2) Click on "Edit"

More… → Where is the template wizard in LibreOffice

EDIT 2013-02-12

Updated documentation in the just published user guides

Getting Started with LibreOffice, 4.0.x branch

Chapter 3 · Using Styles and Templates.

Thanks for your answer but how can I edit a template that is strored in my computer, not in template manager? I used to do that via File>Templates>Edit and choose the ott file from the open dialog. Now I cannot do that. Do I have to import all my company 150 templates to template manager? Thanks!

@manj_k – looks like @pt has a question for ya :slight_smile:

@pt – You may add the path to these templates via

menu "Tools → Options → LibreOffice → Paths → Templates → Edit... → Add...".

Then they should be available in the Template Manager → My Templates (or a folder name).

Select the template, and click on "Edit".

(Tested with LO rc.)

@qubit1 – Feel free to answer all questions on Ask LibO. :wink:

Thanks for the friendly reminder. :slight_smile:

@manj_k – Oh, certainly. My brain is just a bit tired right now, and I figured you could answer this one more cogently than I :slight_smile: