Libra Office Should also be in Hindi language

Hindi spoken by 1 Billion People all over the world,Libra Office also release in Hindi Language also,If you need any help

I am ready

See: Get Involved | LibreOffice - Free Office Suite - Based on OpenOffice - Compatible with Microsoft
and मुख्यपृष्ठ - The Document Foundation Wiki

I probably don’t understand correctly. Do you miss a locale or the UI or should the document foundation present LibreOffice in a specialized Hindi site, is it about help texts or what else?
The locale exists. Hindi can be installed as the UI language. Unicode supports Hindi writing. LibreOffice supports ‘Complex text layout’ (whatever that is) in Hindi…

(Hindu nationalists may claim Hindi to be the “national” language of India. My information tells me different and gives a number of far less than 400 million native speakers.)

Anyway, if Hindi speakers are so many they may want to organize better adaption of LibreOffice and also probably a community providing help in the internet.

The document foundation surley will be glad to win additional developers and supporters concerning documentation and many other things. .

concerning documentation

This should be emphasized, I think. It is not the lack of GUI strings, it is the lack of non-English documentation that often hinders adoption of many free programs by non-English speakers.

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The document foundation surley will be glad to win additional developers and supporters concerning documentation and many other things.
Everybody, please, accept that a globally distributed software needs a globally accepted common language for some purposes.
The communication among developers and the bug-tracking (including enhancement requests) are relevant examples for things that cannot be done in parallel in Hindi for LibreOffice.
Insisting on local (or “national”) languages in every place would result in a global breakdown of communication of humans (and total controll of a few global players like “google” over translations) - or in a dangerous competion of states and “peoples” and “nations” or whatever to make their preferred language the global standard. A nightmare to the power of 10!

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BTW it’s LibreOffice.

Start translating, pal!

This is a site for questions and answers about LibreOffice usage. Your posting is not even a question, thus, is off-topic here.

If you want to take part in localization of LibreOffice, start from this page:!/progornoprog/document

You’re mean.

WE SUD NOT ARGUE ONE NUMBERS OF SPEAKING HINDI UR SOURCE 400 MILLIONS my source different try to understand the question first ,i am trying to promote Libraoffice in Hindi language that is my concern do u have any idea to reach
400 millions ppl

Your question has been understood much better than you think. You had been told that there already is Hindi as locale in LibreOffice; there is already Hindi UI (and I must add, Hindi spell checking dictionaries); there is Hindi support in Unicode - so your question lacks specific description of what is missing from your point of view. The discussion of numbers was only part of the answer.

Another answer gave you the link to the page which is starting point to contribution.

Yet another answer told you that you are on the site where users try to help users, and thus you are not speaking to developers or localizers here (who supposedly are intended audience of your proposal).

All welcomed your dedication to get involved … so likely it’s you who should “try to understand the answers first”.

Do not answer a question unless you give a real answer. This site is for questions and answers about LibreOffice usage not about any idea to reach 400 millions ppl or whatever. Read these guidelines and ask a good question if you have any.

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Quoting @computerpointtechnicalcollege : “WE SUD NOT ARGUE ONE NUMBERS OF SPEAKING HINDI…”
Correct! ACK!
As so often in life: I did because you had started this way, and I dont’ like an argument based on doubling a number on the fly.
Please, first of all read again the comment by @mikekaganski thoroughly.
Unfortunately I posted my answer as a comment. Anyway I did not stress the question of numbers, but parenthesed it.