LibraOffice BASE dropdown lists in a form

I am using LibreOffice version 6.2.4_win86.

I have created a number of tables on a .odb file. Three have just a couple of line, eg., “Crest_Size” has Large, Medium and Small in a single column.

I am now trying to create a drop down in a form, so I can populate the main table, but the more I read, the less I understand!!

On the help page [Form Controls - LibreOffice Help] it says click on the form in the tool bar, then drag and drop the control.

I have my form open in ‘Edit’ mode. I have ‘More controls’ visible. I can see the square with dots in (table control) . when I click on it it is highligted with a blue background. But when I try and drag it, nothing happens. In the box properties the name is “List Box” but I only have a ‘General’ tab for the box.

I’m sure whatever I am doing wrong is something simple but can’t find it described in the documentation and think I have followed the various process tothe letter. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

I found a partial answer by chance on a YouTube video.

In edit mode in a form, I click on the control button then move to the form area and draw a rectangle with the mouse cursor. I then get an option to connect to the Table I want to connect to. I can then select the item from the drop down.

However I only seem to be able to add a single drop down on the form page.

I am familiar with ACCESS but new to BASE. It seems that some of the ‘help’ pages are lacking some important steps to help users understand what is required, perhaps assuming a level of knowledge?