Libre 4.0 how to change the application menu fonts?

In 4.0 the menu items are now displayed in a smaller font size. I have tried to change the font size but not seem to make a difference.

Any idea on how to change this ?

Hi Harry,

Tools > Options > View gives a set of options to change some menu parameters including Font Size from 80% to 130%. Also to choose your ICON set. Worth spending a little time having a little look.

@petermau: “Font Size from 80% to 130%” this is a great hint and great feature!

Note that this does not seem to be available in version

In additions to changing menu parameters Installing libreoffice-gtk would integrate your menu font size and style with your system settings. That would make libreoffice more appealing. Hope this tip helps someone. :slight_smile:

Excellent, thank you !. This solution was perfect for me. Libreoffice menu fonts and toolbar icons always looked badly sized and spaced when running on a KDE desktop, ie Kubuntu or KDE Neon. Installing libreoffice-gtk made a huge improvement. Much appreciated, much better than the other suggestion above about changing font sizes icon set.

now try: libreoffice-gtk2. Note that this works using Debian/LXDE as well (inheriting openbox/lxde theme fonts/sizing).