Libre 5.1.03 No default printer found

Using Win 7 Pro 64bit. Have set and reset default printer under Devices and Printers and it shows in the Printer Dialog box with the default printer highlighted. But again under printer settings “no default printer found” this is both under Writer and Calc. I had used earlier versions of Libreoffice but started getting this error with a clean install of 5.1.03. I had run regedit and removed all Libreoffice keys plus clean all older folders and files from previous versions before installing. Have searched online and found this to be a recurring problem in several versions going back a few years. I have found no solutions although some inquires are marked closed and resolved. This is a LO issue because the printer works fine in all other programs. Any assistance that you could provide would be appreciated. I have looked at the User Profile files but see none that allow me to address this. Printer is an HP6700 on network.