Libre 6 install attempts to install 2nd program VC Burnpipe


When installing Libre 6 on two Windows 10 PCs a secondary program attempted to install. It’s called VC_redist.x64.exe. Verified publisher: Microsoft Corporation.

Since when does Libre include installs of other programs? Is this intended to be there? Install came off of Libre page. I declined the install. Should I reinstall with said program? Research tells me its’ a Visual C redistributable?


From where did you get your LibO_6 installer? Did you make sure it is authentic?
vcredist is MS/Win/Visual C++ stuff. See Long ago there was distributed a vcredist_x86.exe with some LibO portable. On my Win 10 LibO is running fine without a vcredist process. The underscore in the wrong place should be suspicious.
Never heard “Burnpipe”.

I did a LO6 install on Win10 and it also installed VC++ 2015. Others here have had the same experience, and I checked the MD5 hash of LO before I installed.

It wouldn’t install correctly until I uninstalled previous versions of VC++. But that could break some other programs, so I would take a snapshot of the VC++s that are installed, and I would set a Restore Point, before proceeding.

Didn’t see “burnpoint” though.

See the absolutely correct @peterwt’s answer (which I’ll set as correct if OP will not). I am the one who added the installer into the MSI as secondary process. Previously (since LO installer became a single MSI) we also shipped the redistributable with the installer, but it was integral part of the MSI, as MS allowed pre-2015 redists to be integrated as merge modules. Since VS 2015, it’s no longer possible, hence the change.

5.4 included a temporary workaround (app-local installation).

Wrt “suspicious” underscores “in the wrong place”: I’d ask those who try to make such statements to check first what is the correct names of current versions today: e.g., at MS site.

Yes the vc_redist.x64.exe is part of the LO distribution. In the version 6 release note it states:-

“Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable installation with LibreOffice installer is restored. Due to changes in the redistributable, it is now installed in the separate process, after other LibreOffice components had been installed, and requires separate UAC confirmation. It is not installed when LibreOffice is installed in unattended mode (e.g., using command line switches, or using AD GPO), and in this case, separate installation of the redistributable is required (the redistributable is available from Microsoft website, and redistributable’s bitness (32- or 64-bit) must match LibreOffice’s bitness).”

Thank you. And thanks for the responses from the community.