Libre 7.4.0 not opening in normal size screen

When I launch Libre it’s not normal/full screen, How do I get it to launch filling my screen with out hitting the square icon top right?
thank you

Have you filled-in the personal data in the Settings?

Tools - Options - LibreOffice - User Data…

Greetings, I filled out user data but nothing changed. When I launch Libre it measures about 6"x10". I can’t get it to launch filling my screen in.

Restart the LO (fully) and the resize the first newly created document (or the splash screen). The LO will remember to the size and position (in this case: the full screen mode) It works for me on Windows 10 with many versions of the LO (even the portable versions too).

(Maybe you must do it once with all of the existing documents too.)

Which LO version and operating system are you using?

Hi thanks for mailing and helping,I’m using win 11 and LO version 7.4.0. just downloaded it a couple days ago. I’m trying what you said but it still launches in a smaller window. I remember in past versions it always opened in a full size, never had this issue in past updates

That is the latest Fresh LO version. The Fresh versions are not published for the daily works. From the download page: “If you’re a technology enthusiast, early adopter or power user, this version is for you!”

Use a Still version and please report the bug (if it is a bug in the new version).
I have not installed the 7.4.0 because there is not portable version of it yet. I have (and I use) the LO 6.1.6 version installed permanently on my Win 10. All of other installed versions are Portable LO on my PC.

Thanks,I will report bug and then try a still version.
Thanks again

Known issue at 7.4.0 in tdf#150236

Hi, are you saying that my issue has already been reported?
Also, I was looking at the portable still 7.2.7 which I guess is the latest. I’m not understanding what the still version is. On that page it says libre recommends the still ver for most users. Thats the first I’ve heard of that ver. Whats the benefit of using that ver?. Is the portable, still- version good for laptops instead of the full ver? Is that the reasoning?

one other thing, I see a portable fresh version also, whats the differences fresh or still. Also I just want what I need for my desk top computer at home. Whats your recommendation?

Read the differences on:

Portable versions don’t affect the OS’s structure because they are not really “installed” but expanded in areas/directories you have the rights to write. You can “install” some different versions to check their abilities without disturbing your OS. (For experienced users I’d prefer the installation in parallels; this does not affect the OS’s settings as well.)


I took my statement from a mailing list. When I look at the message in Bugzilla, I think it fits your statement here.
So all in all you have the choice between three well working versions.

  1. The portable version
  2. and 3. are very well described on the download page for which user group they are recommended.

    The term “Still” is outdated and no longer used on the download page.

    Download LibreOffice | LibreOffice - Free Office Suite - Based on OpenOffice - Compatible with Microsoft

    A preference for notebooks, laptops or PC does not exist to my knowledge.

IMHO I don’t think a hard demarcation between the versions makes sense.

So it’s up to you to think and decide for yourself which of these versions is most suitable for you.

One more note about the portable version.
IMHO it bears the risk of data loss for inexperienced users.
There are some messages here on AskLibreOffice that say that users have removed the data stick too early,

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The PortableApps LO versions have a small(?) slip in the naming of the Fresh/Still versions. (The Fresh and Still are a relative reference of the naming latest and previous versions.)
Refer the official download page for the exact informations. Today the 7.4.0 is the fresh, and the 7.3.5 is the Still version on the officcial site.
And there is an archive site for the older versions:

Thanks for all the help

Hi I’m back again, I took off 7.4.3 and put on 7.3.5 and no problem. When I started LO yes the screen size was still small but as soon as I clicked the icon for full/normal size, LO came up normal opening it the second time. Must be a bug in 7.4.3thanks again

There is not 7.4.3 version today. The latest fresh is the 7.4.0