Libre 7... version of calc - label name invisible on button in sheets

I have upgrade v6 to v7 of libre office
i have noticed that the old label names of buttons are unvisible after the upgrade to v7
if i try to alter them they stil are
the contour of the button is still visible
the label name is stil in it but … after closing design mode … invisible

Seems something wrong with the windows - libre transmission off colors and grafics.

a work around to solve the issue

  1. open design mode
  2. right click the button you want to alter
  3. select control properties
  4. tab general
  5. select grafics
  6. select the selection button for grafics, and select nothing, close the property push button screen
  7. the button is visable again

i have tested this on 2 systems one windows10 pro build 2020 which worked correct, and one windows 10 home .
on both systems the buttons text maintain visible after saving and closing the file, and reopening them.