Libre Base crash when updating subform that is a query

I am having an issue that I can’t seem to figure out.

I have a form for orders and a subform for the lines in the order. The subform is a query so that I can bring in data from another table product when viewed in the form so it is more easily human readable. If the query is not a subform I can insert and update records without issue. If the query is set to a subform Libre Base will crash when ever I try to make a change to the query table.

The strangest part is after I restore the file and open the database again the data is in the table. Is there anything I can do to make it work?

I have attached a copy of the database if anyone wants to take a look.
The form in question is Customer Order
Main form CustOrder table
subForm Query_CustOrderLineH



Don’t want to do too much with this as it appears to have some serious design flaws.

One example is the totaling of an order. Your process to compute this was three different queries getting information from each other. In two of them you subtracted the discount. In the attached sample this is done in one small query.

Also your Products table seems flawed. You can have multiple items with the same SKU, name, and description. Now each can have a different price and there is no limit to how many you will have.

Have based the sub form from the CustOrderLine table. Simple change to make ProdID field a list box with descriptions and store ID only. A sub sub form to show item price.

Hope this gives you some better ideas. Seems there is some missing items here.

Sample ----- SubFormCrash.odb

Thank you for your response. I looked at your solution for the ProdID field in the OrderLine table, it is an elegant solution. This is my first time with Libre Base and am still learning.


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I did find a way around my issue in the example DB. Instead of using a query to bring multiple tables into the subForm, I used a list box to add/join the needed data in the table itself.