Libre Calc Date Sorting Problems

US English Format Due to the specifics of my spreadsheet project I need to list dates like this sometimes “12/10-13/18” in addition to single dates “12/09/18”

I have tried Format > Cells > Numbers, Date, Format Code and typing in MM/DD/YY, MM/DD-DD/YY but this produces and error that no longer recognized single dates MM/DD/YY. It turns 12/09/18 into ###.

I wanted to be able to have ALL formats recognized so I can sort them ascending and descending but here I am.

Anyone dealt with this?

Two remarks:

  • ### just means your column isn’t wide enough to show the value(s) - change column width.
  • 12/10-13/18 (if this should mean 10th-13th of December 2018) isn’t a date in terms of LibreOffice (Dates are integer numbers) and this seems to be meant as a date range- so you can’t easily sort and you can’t anything format this way (other than repeating a date’s day by using DD a second time on a real LibreOffice date), since it is text.