Libre calc error 508 after troubleshooting


I use Libre Calc, on Ubuntu 18.04.1
I have written this formula in my Libre Calc cell :


(trying to calculate a standard deviance for random variables. no, the “stdev” won’t do here, because i need a different probability for each summand.)

it always gives me Error 508, which - as I have read here Error Codes in LibreOffice Calc - LibreOffice Help means “Error: Pair missing”, i.e. “Missing bracket, for example, closing brackets, but no opening brackets”

So I checked, and yep, it seems like there is one bracket too much at the end (in the formula I put above). However, whenever I try to delete a bracket, LibreCalc automatically puts one back in when I press enter, and then gives me the Error 508.

I have tried the same thing in another cell - it seems as if Libre Calc automatically adds or takes away (un)needed brackets until it has the correct amount. Which is nice normally, I guess, but not when LibreCalc miscounts, forces me to take one bracket too much, and then complains via “Error508” that it has too many brackets.

I have closing and opening LibreCalc, hasn’t helped.

Happy about any input.

Hello @nowadays, Do you replaced all ^2 with ² to post here? No need to. Next time paste the formula as copied from Calc, it is easiest for you and for the other users in the site. Also semicolon (:wink: as a arguments separator is preferred rather than comma (,).

Hi Leroy. No, I didnt replace ^2with ², my key board does that automatically. But thanks to your comment, i replaced all ² with ^2
and libre calc accepted it and corrected the brackets the correct way this time :slight_smile: thanks for your help!

This is the correct version that works now:

Put the closing parentheses before the comma: $C40*(D40-$d$62²,.


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