Libre Calc keeps setting a bad print range

Version and version 5.0.4.* (I updated today to see if the error remained)

I have a series of multi-sheet Calc files that keep setting a print range that does not include the final sheet. To be clear, I have not set a print range at all. The final sheet comes up as Print Range Empty in print preview and prints a blank sheet if I send it to print.

If I clear the print range, reset the print range or even cut and repaste the sheet, I can print the sheet, but as soon as I close and reopen the file, the print range gets reset and I have to repeat the action.

The Calc files in question are linked to outside files, but it makes no difference whether I update the files or not.

Same, is this fixed?

This happens to me with version The workaround I use is to always keep the final sheet blank and exclude it from the sheets to print.