Libre Calc search doesn't work on cells with data referenced from another sheet

Linux Mint 18.3, Libre Office version
I have a few sheets in my file, where in one of the sheets I reference the data from another sheet within the file. What I’ve done is in one sheet, I’ve input the equal sign “=”, then selected the sheet I want the data from, and clicked the first cell column with the data I want, then pressed enter. Returned to the sheet I’m creating, and then dragged down the bottom right corner to duplicate the behavior down the column.

The problem comes when I try to search in that sheet I’ve just created referencing the data in this manner. Search doesn’t actually “see” the data that is referenced. Searching can only see the formula for the referencing, and not the actual data that is being referenced. For instance, if one of the cells contains the numbers 7778, and I do a search for it, it wont’ be found. Searching would only see the formula “=$Sheetname.A21”.

Is there a fix for this?
Is there a different way I should be referencing these cells?
Should I simply copy and paste? (Though I want the data between the cells to be linked, because I’m working with different sets for each sheet.)

Your question is misleading when stating from another sheet. Find won’t never find a cell containing a reference (formula) while searching for the value the formula evaluates to. So it doesn’t matter, whether you have a reference to a cell in same sheet or any other sheet. Find searches for a cell’s content and the content of a cell referencing another cell is not other cell’s value but the reference (formula).

Use Edit -> Find & Replace and check for option Search in: to see the difference


Is there a fix for this?

No - since Find doesn’t have the option to select Search in from [Values | Formulas | Comments], which is available in Find & Replace (see also my comment above).

Is there a different way I should be referencing these cells?

No - there is only one way to do that

Should I simply copy and paste?

Definitely not. Redundant information should be avoided.

Hope this answers your question.