Libre crash after windows march 2021 update

Libreoffice stopped working after the Windows update in March 2021. The new version does not work. After starting it shows info “Synchronizing the extension repository bundled” (I own polish version so its my translation) and than it crashes down. Any hints? Reinstalling is not a solution. Windows update rollback doesn’t work.

I’m having the same problem!

“Crashes” means what? BSOD with APC_INDEX_MISMATCH? If so, then tdf#140950 and tdf#140952 suggest that (1) it might be related to your printer (which is yours?), and (2) it indeed is fixed by rolling back the Windows update.

It is most likely due to Security-Fix KB5000808 (Windows 10 2004) or KB5000802 (Windows 20H2). Uninstall of the fix should solve the situation temporary. Additionally suspend Windows Updates for at least 7 days or the fix will recur soon since MS did not withdraw it to date. Most users experince this in conjunction with Kyocera (and their derivates) printer drivers. Substitute with the KXv4 driver has also worked for some users but has other limitations eg. not supporting older models.

Thnaks a lot @Cookievore. I’ll check that out Regards

use the prerelease of the 7.3.0 it works for windows 10